Our Stone Veneer Process for Authentic Looking Stone in Manitoba - Caveman Stone Products

Our Process

Caveman Stone Products in Manitoba manufactures their stone in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.  A process of mixing cement using a lightweight aggregate and hand-pouring into molds using iron oxide pigments for color, produces an amazing, authentic looking stone with a rich, colourfast finish.  


We are able to accommodate exte-
rior winter projects as well!

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High quality workmanship is the result with our own team of professional installers!  Worried about budgets?  No problem!  Contact us for a free estimate.

Caveman Stone can be installed over any structurally sound wall with no foundation or structural changes.

Would you like to install it yourself?  Follow these simple steps:


Ensure that the wall is structurally sound.


Install heavy building paper.


Install galvanized metal lathe. Secure the lathe with 2 x 3/8 inch staples or roofing nails.


Apply 3/8 inch thick scratch coat. Butter the back of your rock with mortar and set it in place. With river rock, cobblestone and fieldstone, a scratch coat may be deleted.


Fill and smooth mortar in all joints.